Victoria Hislop in conversation

Event date: 
Wednesday 29th May 2019 at 2.00pm

Victoria's books are enjoyed by 10 million readers! They have enjoyed novels such as 'The Island', 'The Return' and 'The Thread', and won't fail to delight in her latest book called 'Those Who Are Loved', set against the backdrop of the German occupation of Greece.

"Everyone knows how much I love Greece," says Victoria, "but exploring this story has taken me to some new and disquieting places.

"'Those Who Are Loved' has been germinating for a decade now, from the moment I first saw the island of Makronisos from the Greek mainland.

"I was told it was uninhabited, but had been a prison camp for communists. The discovery compelled me to read about the Greek civil war (in which many women played a role), but of course it also meant researching the events that led to that conflict as well as the long-term after-effects that are still seen in Greece even today."

Tickets £20 included a copy of ‘Those Who Are Loved' (RRP£19.99). One additional ticket could be purchased at £10 without the book.

Read my report of Victoria's visit here.

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